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Meet the Committee

The National Ambulance LGBT Network committee is made up from representatives of every NHS Ambulance Service including Scotland and Wales. All our committee members have experience for facilitating LGBT Networks or have specialist skills to draw upon. You can find out more about each person below and make contact using the links provided.

Adam Williams

Committee Member


Adam has been with the Ambulance service for over ten years, starting in the Emergency Operations Centre for North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) in 2008 as a 999 call handler. From there he progressed to dispatch spending four years in that role before he made the move over to operations in 2012 when he commenced his training as an Emergency Medical Technician.

Two years later he was ready for a new challenge and he made the move to West Midelands Ambulance Service to complete his Paramedic training. Once qualified Adam couldn’t resist the call of home and took up a position as a paramedic in Salford, working as an RRV paramedic.

From an early point in his career Adam has been actively involved in trade union politics, working as a union steward throughout his career and eventually taking up the position as LGBT Officer for the NWAS Unison Branch in 2016. Since then Adam has been actively involved with the NWAS LGBT Network as Deputy Chairperson and became a member of the National Ambulance LGBT Network Committee in 2017.

In Adam’s words, 'I think the National Ambulance LGBT Network is a fantastic organisation that allows networks up and down the country to work together to tackle important issues whilst also supporting smaller emerging networks to establish themselves. I think we also play an important role in education and I look forward to the future challenges coming our way. Together we can handle anything'.

It is Adam’s hope that more people become involved in the national network and the excellent work they do as the more people involved the more diverse the organisation becomes and the more they can do for everyone.

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