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Meet the Committee

The National Ambulance LGBT Network committee is made up from representatives of every NHS Ambulance Service including Scotland and Wales. All our committee members have experience for facilitating LGBT Networks or have specialist skills to draw upon. You can find out more about each person below and make contact using the links provided.

Kirsten Willis

Deputy Chairperson

Head of Operations

Kirsten is a Paramedic and Head of Operations with the South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS), where she also chairs the SCAS LGBT Network and is Deputy Chair to the National Ambulance LGBT Network.

Kirsten has worked within the NHS since leaving college, initially working in physiotherapy, then training to become a paramedic with the Royal Berkshire Ambulance Trust from 1995 and has worked through management and leadership roles in front line operations as well as within the NHS 111 service.

Her current role as Head of Operations for Berkshire West which is a large geographic area covering both urban and rural locations. She is responsible for over 200 members of staff.

Her work within SCAS and with the National Ambulance LGBT Network is important to her, and she also has a keen interest in the health and well-being of staff, especially around staff exposure to trauma. She is a TRiM Practitioner, Manager and Trainer, as well as being a qualified counsellor in Person Centred Psychodynamic Therapy, specialising in young person’s therapies, and has volunteered her time each week in support of young people in Reading for the past 13 years.

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