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Meet the Committee

The National Ambulance LGBT Network committee is made up from representatives of every NHS Ambulance Service including Scotland and Wales. All our committee members have experience for facilitating LGBT Networks or have specialist skills to draw upon. You can find out more about each person below and make contact using the links provided.

Shane Finnegan

Committee Member


Shane joined East of England Ambulance Service (EEAST) in 2015 as a Student Paramedic and qualified as a Paramedic in September 2018. Prior to moving to UK he joined the ambulance service and worked as a beach lifeguard for a number of years. He has also volunteered for Civil Defence Ireland involved in Fire, Rescue and Ambulance duties for ten years.

Shane attended his first pride event in Brighton in 2016 and really enjoyed joining in the parade with colleagues from all over the UK. He found the atmosphere of the parade to be phenomenal and I thought the support shown towards all of us in the parade was great. Shane has attended many pride events since!

Shane joined the EEAST LGBT Network at its inaugural meeting in 2018 and been an active member since. He became a member of the National Ambulance LGBT Network Committee in November 2018 and the Vice Chair of the EEAST LGBT Network in December 2018.

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