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Celebrating History

Inspired by LGBT+ History Month, which takes place in February each year, we have developed a set of useful resources to support LGBT+ Network events.

LGBT+ History Month takes place every February and is an important event in the LGBT+ calendar. Although legislation largely makes the rights of LGBT+ equal now, this was not always the case and there is a rich history of people campaigning and engaging in activism to progress the LGBT+ cause.

What’s more, although legislation may have changes, attitudes of people often take much longer to shift. Homophobia is still real and there are countless examples of people who suffer bullying and abuse because they identify as LGBT+.

Holding events in February to make LGBT+ History Month is a chance to help our workforces understand the rich history and lives of people in greater detail and undoubtedly helps promote inclusion in its broadest forms.

Alistair Gunn

Alistair Gunn

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