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Committee Zone

In this section you will find all the administration documents for the National Ambulance LGBT+ Network.

Network Presentations

The Next Three Years (2022 to 2024)

Our vision for the development of the National Ambulance LGBT Network from 2022 to 2024.

Celebrating Five Years

With Covid-19 restrictions still in place we were not able to celebrate our fifth birthday in the way we wanted to. Chair and Deputy Chair, Alistair and Kirsten, made a presentation to outline some of the highlights, achievements and funny moments from the first five years of the national network. Check this out and we hope it makes you chuckle!

The 2019 'Smile File'

This document contains a selection of photographs from 2019 that demonstrate that the National Ambulance LGBT Network had a very productive year!

Review of the Year 2018

In this document you will find a catalogue of all the resources created in 2018 and a collection of 'smile file' items, which are celebratory emails, social media posts and photographs.

The Next Three Years (2018 to 2021)

This vision was first presented at our third birthday event in August 2018. It outlines how the Network intends to restructure and develop over the coming years and will work towards becoming self-sufficient. You will also find additional information gathered during our consultation event in August 2018.

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