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Going International

In the first five years the National Ambulance LGBT+ Network has been contacted by ambulance personnel from around the world. In this section we have invited people to include an introduction and some information about the work they are doing in their own country.

LGBT+ First Responder Study in Arizona

Hello my name is Colette Wilcoxen and I am currently completing my dissertation as part of my doctoral program at Midwestern University in Glendale, Arizona.

The dissertation topic is conducted via survey research, and I am looking at Perceived Acceptance of LGBT+ First Responders. While the research is limited to the United States, if you know anyone who may be interested from this region please consider taking my survey:

Posted January 2021

Improving Patient Experience in Argentina

In 2020 we were contacted by Andrea Bianchi, a nurse in Argentina, who was putting together some information to improve pre-hospital care treatment of LGBT patients. We were very happy to support this and have the rainbow star of life included on the work.

Andrea Bianchi has also sent us a translated copy of here work, completed with colleague Karqui Rafael, and we are absolutely delighted to include a copy here. Keep us in touch with your important work Andrea!

Posted November 2020

Ambulance Amsterdam

Right from the start of the National Ambulance LGBT Network we have had regular contact with colleagues at Ambulance Amsterdam. Joffry van Grondelle, the founder of the Ambulance Amsterdam LGBT Network, wrote to us back in 2018 saying the following:

Dear fellow LGBT ambulance workers

We would like to introduce ourselves. We are the ambulance nurses, ambulance EMT-drivers, staff, logistics, preparations, ambulance academy and all other workers at Ambulance Amsterdam, the regional ambulance service for the Amsterdam city and area.  

Last year several LGBT colleagues wanted to provide a more solid basis for the LGBT goals and colleagues. We got information from the UK and especial from and about the National Ambulance LGBT Network. Ambulance Amsterdam LGBT Network has several goals, the main one is to provide support and information to LGBT colleagues and also patients and the general public about what we stand for, equal care and equal rights for everyone!

When in Amsterdam, do enjoy the city and when you want some more info or just to shake hands or make a picture with one of our staff or ambulances, we will be glad to welcome you!

Joffry van Grondelle
Reg. Ambulance Nurse and founding member of Ambulance Amsterdam LGBT Network

Send a Greeting!

If you would like to tell us about the work you are doing to support the LGBT communities in your country, or you would like to have a greeting included on this page, please us the 'Contact' form. We will be pleased to hear from you!

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