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Mental Health

The National Ambulance LGBT+ Network is proud of its work to support the mental health and wellbeing of ambulance staff across the United Kingdom. It has been working with a number of partner organisations to provide new levels of support.

The Ambulance Staff Charity (TASC)

The Ambulance Staff Charity, or TASC, is a national charity devoted to improving the lives of the people in the ambulance community. TASC offers a range of services including mental health support, recovery services and support with bereavement and financial troubles.

TASC is available to all ambulance staff, and importantly familiy members of ambulance staff who are often the first to know when something is wrong.

Click here to link with the TASC website which is packed with lots of useful information.


Crisis Support

TASC provides a 24-hour a day suicide prevention service for UK ambulance staff. The new service is made possible by funding from NHS England and has been commissioned and co-designed by the Assocation of Ambulance Chief Executives (AACE) on behalf of the ambulance sector.

Support for LGBT+ Staff

TASC is very supportive of the LGBT+ ambulance workforce and has been present at all the National Ambulance LGBT+ Network conferences. In recent years TASC has also seen an increasing number of LGBT+ staff asking for support and the network hopes to work closely with TASC in future to ensure we provide connected support.


TASC Leaflets

We are very grateful to TASC for allowing us to some of their leaflets on this page. You will find a leaflet about the services offered, one on volunteering and a further one on the TASC Lottery. Don't forget, there is wealth of information on the TASC website.

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