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Supporting Trans People

The National Ambulance LGBT+ Network is currently developing resources to increase awareness of trans issues amongst the ambulance workforce and offer practical advice on how we can improve practice.

More than any other area within the LGBT+ acronym we know that lives of transgender and non-binary people are the most challenges. For this reason we are working hard to make sure we have information to support trans patients who need our services and also support our trans staff.

The three main areas of focus are:

Helping staff to understand what Gender Dysphoria is and what impact it has on trans people. Gender Dysphoria is very often inappropriately classified as a mental illness and I would like to share stories of people from the transgender community so people can understand the issues much better.

We want to continually update awareness information so that is represents current legislation and developments that have been identified by the Government’s LGBT Action Plan. We can expect to see significant changes in the near future and we can all become more informed so that we can deliver a more effective service.

Finally, moving away from ‘transgender’, we also want to increase awareness of issues for non-binary staff and patients. The aim is to raise awareness and ensure that ambulance staff throughout the United Kingdom are well informed and set up to deliver the best care available.

Steph Meech

Steph Meech
Trans Support Lead

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