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Supporting Trans People

The National Ambulance LGBT Network is currently developing resources to increase awareness of trans issues amongst the ambulance workforce and offer practical advice on how we can improve

Supporting Trans People Z-card Leaflet

You can download a copy of our new z-card leaflet entitled Supporting Trans People using the link below. This leaflet was lauched at our conference in 2018 and an initial print run of 10,000 is being distributed to all our ambulance services.

Supporting Trans People Z-Card Leaflet

We will shortly be including a dyslexia friendly version of the z-card which will available to download only.

Call Taker Guidance for Transgender Callers

The sheet below outlines simple guidance to help call takers understand how they can provide good care to transgender people.

Call Taker Guidance for Transgender Callers

Coming Soon: Professional Development Resource

The National Ambulance LGBT Network recognises that ambulance services need support to understand and better care for trans patients and staff that are transitioning. This is an exciting area of our work and will culminate in a comprehensive resource that will contribute to professional development. The three sections of this resource will focus on :

  • Being aware of trans people, terminology and issues
  • Providing better care to trans patients
  • Supporting trans staff

Example Policy and Guidance Documents

The Network is also looking to provide template policy and guidance documentation to assist the standarisation of great care and support across the United Kingdom.

Until these documents are available, we offer examples of policy and guidance documents from South East Coast Ambulance Service and North West Ambulance Service.

Supporting Transgender Staff and Service Users (from South East Coast Ambulance Service, 2017)

Transgender Guidance for Clinical Staff (from South East Coast Ambulance Service, 2017)

Policy for Transgender Staff (from North West Ambulance Service, 2017)

Transgender Guidance for Managers (from North West Ambulance Service, 2017)

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Every year the 20 November is Transgender Day of Remembrance which honours the many people who have lost their lives to transphobia. Our briefing sheet, created by our newly appointed Trans Experience Development Lead, provides some useful facts and suggestions for how you can recognise this important day.

Transgender Day of Remembrance Briefing Sheet

You can also use the presentation and guidance notes in the next section to help you facilitate an awareness raising event.

Launching the Trans Badges

To promote our work to support trans patients we will be releasing the trans star of life badges. Each Ambulance Trust will be encouraged to launch these and raise awareness of the issues amongst the workforce. To help with this, we have included a suggested short presentation and guidance notes to support these launch events.

Trans Awareness Event Presentation

Trans Awareness Event Guidance Notes

Please read the guidance notes in conjuction with the presentation.

Victims of Sexual Violence

The LGBT Foundation in Manchester have produced a set of resources to help people affected by sexual violence. The aim of the resources are to provide an overview of the basics and help find support. The publication 'A Guide to Trans People Affcted by Sexual Violence' is included below.

A Guide to Trans People Affected by Sexual Violence

The resource has been included with the kind permission of the LGBT Foundation.