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Professional Development

In July 2020 we launched our first two professional development resources, aimed at tackling some of the health inequalities for LGBT+ people and ensuring ambulance staff provide the best service they can. Partnering with our friends at CPDme these resources are accredited and can contribute to your professional development portfolios.


Kath Lavery, Chairperson, Yorkshire Ambulance Service

'My sincere congratulations to everyone who’s been involved in the design and development of this very important suite of resources. I read them with real pleasure. Obviously their subject content is incredibly important to both the Ambulance Service and indeed the wider NHS as we champion inclusion and diversity, not just because it’s the right thing to do but because not to do so would mean we miss out on so much talent in our workforce.

'This suite of documents are notable for their brilliant design as well as their content. I get to read a huge amount of material, it’s fundamental to the role of Chair, and I can honestly say these were a pleasure and that’s not something I say very often!'


Helen Ray, Chief Executive, North East Ambulance Service

'It’s a real pleasure to add my voice to the endorsements of this excellent suite of resources. As always the team at the National Ambulance LGBT Network have delivered something that is thought provoking and practical. 

'We will be sharing this widely across teams and I know our local network will be using these resources to support our continuous drive for complete inclusivity. The lived experiences shared are, for me, particularly helpful in stimulating personal reflection as I continue my journey to be a great ally. 

'Well done and thank you.' 


Helen Seymour, Education Consultant

'I found the material presented in these resources extremely informative and presented in an exceptionally engaging and accessible manner. The case histories and personal experiences were thought provoking and a very useful prompt for reflective learning. These resources are incredibly useful in all areas of the service and beyond.'


Sue Tucker, EOC Head of Clinical Governance and Safety, North East Ambulance Service

After completing both of the new resources Sue wrote on Twitter:

'Brilliant resources. Highly recommended.'


Simon Davies, Head of Investigations and Learning, Yorkshire Ambulance Service

'The pack developed by the National Ambulance LGBT Network around delivering good care to patients with a HIV diagnosis is such a useful tool in terms of up to date guidance and support to front line clinicians, and to tackle health inequalities/challenge misinformation or discriminative behaviours.

'We have recently used the pack to aid front line understanding of these issues during clinical feedback and it was received very positively with the colleagues involved commenting that they had found it insightful and something akin to the situation which can be described as ‘not knowing what you don’t know’ around a particular topic. I’m so grateful to the national group for developing this learning aid and look forward to seeing what they can come up with next!'


Jane Abdulla, Assistant Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust held an Equality Talk on Better Care for Trans Patients as part of its International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia Programme 2021, and invited Joshua Barraclough and Alistair Gunn to present the National Ambulance LGBT Network’s Trans Tool Kit to our 27,000+ staff, as well as engage in a Q&A with our staff. Joshua and Alistair presentation was very informative and practical, and was very well received. We are thankful to Joshua and Alistair, not only for coming to our virtual event to present their resources, but also for the resources which have been shared with all our staff who have found them accessible and and really useful.


If you would like to add you voice to our endorsement page, we would love to hear from you. Please write to

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