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Professional Development

In July 2020 we launched our first two professional development resources, aimed at tackling some of the health inequalities for LGBT+ people and ensuring ambulance staff provide the best service they can. Partnering with our friends at CPDme these resources are accredited and can contribute to your professional development portfolios.

Understanding the + in LGBT+

Our newest resource looks to demystify the full acronym, LGBTQQIAAP, or LGBT+ for short. As well as discovering what each of the letter stands for, we consider how we can provide inclusive care to patients from across the LGBT+ spectrum.

Once again, we have teamed up with CPDme to bring you a professional development experience, and you can print a certificate for your portfolio after completing the confirmation questions.

The Book

Confirmation Questions

The confirmation questions for this learning experience are included in the resource book.

Link to CPDme

Click here to link to the CPDme website to continue your professional development.

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